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Pin Gamers Unite!: Reporting as Snaggable Rewards - Hi folks! As always, getting the snagbar up to date takes time, es...
Tony Hull shared • Last reply Nov 13, 2014 by Zoran V. Zeljkovic
19,326 106
Pin Gamers Unite!: Link Exchange FAQ - What is Link Exchange? Link Exchange allows you to post your links from your Fa...
Amy Wong shared • Last reply Nov 10, 2014 by Amanda Nash
165,595 523
Pin Game Feeds: Game Feeds App - Report a bug - 1-Click Bonus feature has been disabled to comply with Facebook'...
Amy Wong shared • Last reply Nov 14, 2014 by Mona Gutzler
133,345 1,247
Pin Gamers Unite!: Live Status & Problems on Gamers Unite! - Gamers Unite! Status Dashboard This page offers perform...
Amy Wong shared Sep 04, 2011
56,841 0
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Light-bulb Trivia Crack: How do I add my own profile pic instead of the generic one they give you? -
Kim Marks shared 5 days ago
1,633 0
Light-bulb Brave Frontier: Great new cheat code! 100 gems 200.000 EXP (4 metal gods) and 600.000 gold! FREE - Go to "Social" C...
Christian Thorén shared • Last reply 6 days ago by Bashir Aanda
1,301 20
Question-white FarmVille 2: I hate the co-ops... - Why I can only ask for plants or mushrooms or other items I can easily get my...
Justyna Amira asked • Last reply 5 hours ago by Laurie Hammer
947 18
Light-bulb FarmVille 2: What is up with the new Animal Barn - I don't get it. It tells you to add water troughs but it seems...
Shaval Vee shared • Last reply 3 hours ago by Sherry Kinard
821 13
Question-white FarmVille 2: Can't get owls to appear - I have been planting and harvesting all of the suggested crops to attract...
Mary Colangelo asked • Last reply 1 day ago by Mary Colangelo
545 20
Light-bulb Klondike: how do i fill cornucopia? -
Ruth Coffman shared • Last reply 12 hours ago by Angie Davis
222 1
Question-white Ghost Saga: Please help extremely stuck! - I am as stuck as stuck can get! I am not sure what's going on or why...
Haley Smith asked • Last reply 3 hours ago by Xaina N Jones
225 5
Question-white Criminal Case: Criminal case auto reports - Any other new link for auto reports? plz help me.
Amila Madusanka asked 6 days ago
151 0
Light-bulb FarmVille: Toy Town Quest Chapter 3 ---> Nov 17 - 1. Get 7 Toy Goods Train 2. Harvest 80 Felt Ros...
Claire Benson shared Nov 16, 2014
161 0
Light-bulb Village Life: friends without using fb - How do you get friends without adding on fb?
Mayah Cash shared Nov 14, 2014
151 0
Question-white Ghost Saga: open door in my house that needs a password and the safe - Can anyone tell me how to get the work ro...
Brea Davis asked Nov 15, 2014
150 0
Question-white Kitchen Scramble: how do i get kitchen cash to buy premium things - kitchen scramble
Khaldon Banding Langi asked 4 days ago
147 0
Light-bulb CastleVille: Gremlins gloom from north doesn`t appear when I tend flowers. What can I do ? -
Ciomirtan Caterina shared • Last reply 4 days ago by Marlene Baggett Hougendobler
139 8
Light-bulb Spades Plus: 20,000 FREE COINS! - Spades Plus makes even Mondays fun! :) Our big Monday Surprise to you is 20,000...
Morgan Monroe shared a week ago
55 0
Light-bulb The King of Towers: Blitz Acres last wave - How to kill 3 marsh king? I beat it when was rocketeer bug. But now almo...
Nicolai Nikolai shared Nov 13, 2014
114 0

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