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How to remove inactive cakes/animals.

by Sue Gail - Dec 09, 2013 Star_s711 views

How do you remove inactive cakes/animals. Not the completed ones but those that expired before frosting was applied. Had neighbors ask for help and I didn't notice they had less than 24 hours to complete and now stuck with them. You can move them, but cannot store or remove them.

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Pamela Woodson - Dec 18, 2013

..In addition, you cannot judge the the cakes or animals because they have not been can only judge the ones that are completed before or after the time runs out....sometimes when the time runs out the option shows up...if they placed in the game however if they are still in the "oven" by clicking yes to help in the request inbox, needing to be placed and you place them, after the time runs judging option appears......but there is no way to know the timer ran out until you place it....

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