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Farmville has become CRAFTVILLE????

by Judy Thompson Parker - Dec 18, 2013 Star_s717 views

I happily celebrated 4 years with Farmville. But Zynga has made so many changes....I don't know about my fellow farmers,,,,,,, but I am so sick of all this crafting that has to be done for a quest. They either need to create a Craftville or rename Farmville. I want my old Farmville back..Any other thoughts on this, I am to the point of forgetting about doing any more of the quests.

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Connie Marie - Dec 22, 2013

I only do the quests til I get the trees or Instant Grows, I don't care much about the other stuff so, I don't bother with the rest. But, all this crafting or having to make anything where all the crops needed are from the new farm and you have to plant something else for the quest. I am tired of new farms, there are enough and there are too many quests to do at once. One or 2 is fine but, 3-4, just too much. I only do them for trees but, this is getting old.

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