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How is neighbors scamming county fair ?

by Shirley Orchard - Jan 04, 2014 Star_s14,963 views

I have some neighbors on low levels without much land or trees, but when they enter the county fair their score goes right up sky high and the medals they are earning are coming very quickley, how can this be ? I am on level 81 with land and trees and i never get a high score like them thinking they must be useing a scam? anyone no how they are doing this.

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Elizabeth Buurvrouw - Jan 12, 2014

I have seriously never seen any high numbers ever. Not when I was just starting the County Fair at level 20 nor at the level I am at now, level 61, while friends of mine get like 15 to 25 points (with trees). True, they reach from level 31 to level 47 but still. It sometimes feels like I'm always struggling at the bad end of the randomness in the game. According to the game you are supposed to get better as you progress, instead they hold you back. I'm just glad when I reach the requiered numbers ( and make a jump when I get 10-12 points) and then I start praying the game won't freeze when it's time to go to the County Fair.

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