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stuck on level 70

by Billy Beck - Jun 24, 2012 Star_s1,004,127 views

Can anyone tell me how to pass level 70 in Candy Crush Saga?!!

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Gigi Marie - Jan 22, 2014

Hi everyone, I'm new to this board/site. I stumbled upon it yesterday when I was trying to find help with beating level 70. I was having a lot of trouble as many others seem to be having as well. I was reading about ppl being stuck on this level for weeks or months, etc and was sure I was going to be one of them. But to my surprise, after starting the level last night, I was able to finish it this morning. So I thought maybe I could be of some help to others. Here's the thing or one of the things that I think is most confusing about how to beat this level-there's really no one definitive way to do it. Usually before I start a new level, I like to just go and google it to see what the board will be like & I'll check out a few different sites to get some ideas on how to beat it. I knew right away this was going to be a tough board when the first 3 different sites I looked at all said COMPLETELY different tips about beating it. The first one I looked at said to only work on the left side and worry about getting striped candies/wrapped etc to take out the chocolates on the right. After a few tries of that I realized it wasn't going to work for me. I kept reading over & over to make sure not to break the licorice because then the chocolate would grow and take over the entire right side. Or to first get rid of the 2 bottom rows of chocolate on the right and THEN get to work on the licorice. Again, this didn't work for me either. I did have a few games where I think I accidentally broke the licorice and the chocolate did in fact take over. But it's virtually impossible to get the exact right set up to take out the two bottom rows of chocolate first w/out touching the right side and expect to win the game. I did that as well but by that time you've spent so much time making combos on the left that you don't have ebough left to finish clearing the jelly. What worked for me finally was a lot of trial and error. And what the moderator below suggested, esp. #3-play both sides of the game. I was able to beat it that way w/out any special boosters or sprinkle balls, etc. Basically, what I found worked best was to knock out as many jellies as possible on the top right of the board first while trying not to break the licorice right away. At the same time you need to be constantly checking the left side to take advantage of any striped or wrapped candies you can make. If you can take out the chocolate rows, great but if not you can still win. Frankly, I get confused w/ the striped combos sometimes. What I find most frustrating(and if anyone reading understands this, please feel free to explain) is that I'll have set them up a striped w/ 2 of the same color in a horizontal line thinking it will shoot across horizontally and then it will shoot vertically. Anyway, I actually ended up breaking the licorice by mistake but once I did, I just did my best to use it to my advantage and broke more of it so that I'd have more options to make combos to get rid of the chocolate. Again, I was still making striped candies on the left side when possible but putting most of my attention on the right, taking out as many jellies as I could and attacking the chocolate. Since the 2 boards are connected(though don't ask me how!), eventually when I was able to break all the chocolate and make more combinations on the right, the striped candies I made on the left would drop down onto the right side and I was able to use them as well. I was very careful to try my best to think about how each move would effect the next and that's how I was able to beat level 70. Sorry this was so long. I just wanted to share because I know how frustrating and impossible seeming this level is! As I said, it's really just trial and error, definitely part luck but also part strategy once you get past a certain point. Don't give up! :)

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