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What's the trick on level 76?

by June Crow - Mar 03, 2013 Star_s916,790 views

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Gigi Marie - Jan 24, 2014

So I have to say from things I'd read I was very intimidated about doing this level. I figured I'd get stuck on it awhile like most others seem to have. So imagine my shock when I was able to clear the level in one shot! And I'm not someone who does that all the time, once in awhile I get lucky but I'm no Candy Crush genuis lol. Anyway I wanted to share how I did and basically thank the person(Mainewil Peetra) who added the picture of the layout of the board below. I found that to be indespensible in helping me to understand the level. I also clicked on one of the links(I believe "ReadyGamer") and read through some of the tips before playing. Without those two aids, I'm sure I would've been stuck like most others seemed to have been, so thank you for sharing those. Once I understood the layout of the board, I found it to be not that difficult. I focused first on the top left(i.e. the bottom) to make as many matches as I could there. That way is the quickest to have the ingrediants fall. When I couldn't make matches there, I went to the middle and paid attention to which rows matched up with the ingrediants. For instance if I had an ingrediant in the bottom section, I would see which row it had dropped from and focus on trying to bring more candies down. As with every board, of course special candies and color bombs, etc are useful. I actually had more trouble w/ the next level, 77. Now I'm about to try 79 which I keep reading is also a doozy lol. Maybe I'll get lucky again but I'm not holding my breath! Thaniks again guys for the help.

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