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This cowgirl who shows up and freezes all my movement????

by Francie Gridling Enman - Feb 24, 2014 Star_s98 views

What is with this cowgirl who shows up on my farm, does nothing but stand next to me and make it so I can't move? I have to shut down and reload to get rid of her. Who or what is she and why does she always come to my place? Any way I can stop this as it really is frustrating. Thanks

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Elizabeth Gibbs - Feb 24, 2014

I had this problem too the cowgirl is Marie, the one who initially introduces you to the game. What she is supposed to be doing when she comes to your farm and freezes your game is giving you speed feed. She does this when you get a new ribbon for mastery of animals. When she comes to your farm she is usually bringing 3 animals with her of the kind you just earned a new mastery ribbon for.

Here is what is supposed to happen: Marie runs up next to you, and all of her animals that she brings do the same and then they shoot out speed feed. She then says something to you and you need to click on the thanks button and she then leaves.

Here is where I had my problem: I have a large number of fences. So only Marie can get up next to me and until I moved the fences and allowed the animals next to me too they pretty much made it impossible to do anything. It is really annoying but as soon as I see Marie now I have to wait for her animals to appear and move what ever fence or animal storage is blocking them from getting to me. I also have all of my prized animal storage in the same spot, along with my wells. So I have to move them sometimes too.

Next time she comes to your farm look around for the animals she brings with her and make sure there is nothing blocking there movement to be next to you.

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