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Strange messages asking for verification??????

by Francie Gridling Enman - Feb 24, 2014 Star_s78 views

I keep getting these messages, but I don't think they are valid...first off they are in a foreign language, second I have had my account for years now. I have contacted FB but not received any replys yet. Does anyone know what this is all about?

Translated, they are saying I need to give them my sign-in and password to verify my account or I will be banned in 12 hours. I have gotten these for a few days now.

Noƭìcę Blocĸìng


ADVARSEL:! Din konto er blevet rapporteret, og er på listen blokering. Du har modtaget denne meddelelse, fordi af Facebook-brugere, der bruger falske profiler og krænker vilkårene i vores system. Klik på linket nedenfor og bekræfte din konto: Facebook [[Facebook]]

Bemærk: Kontroller din konto inden for 12 timer eller din konto deaktiveres permanent. Tak Facebook Team ™ © 2014

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Francie Gridling Enman - Mar 04, 2014

Thanks Alan, I suspected it wasn't legit and had reported it to FB but have never gotten a reply yet. I does say it's from FB admins, but I really doubt way I'm still on and haven't gotten banned thank goodness.

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