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Google Chrome disabled snag bar

by Sara Miner Harakas - Feb 19, 2014 Star_s362 views

Google Chrome has disabled my snag bar twice today. I sent them feedback on this. Where do they get off telling me what extensions I can have on my computer? Is this not still the United States of America, where we have freedom of choice? I am furious. Can you do something about this? Contact Chrome or something and tell them to lay off. Waiting for a response.

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Sara Miner Harakas - Mar 04, 2014

I had to uninstall the snag bar and chrome. But first I cleared history. etc. Then I ran mu registry cleaner. etc.
Then I log off and restarted. I then reinstalled Chrome and the snag bar. I have not gotten the message since then. It happened when I logged on to Chrome. Thanks for your replies. I hope I don't get it again.

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