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This cowgirl who shows up and freezes all my movement????

by Francie Gridling Enman - Feb 24, 2014 Star_s98 views

What is with this cowgirl who shows up on my farm, does nothing but stand next to me and make it so I can't move? I have to shut down and reload to get rid of her. Who or what is she and why does she always come to my place? Any way I can stop this as it really is frustrating. Thanks

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Alan Attebery - Mar 06, 2014

@Elizabeth Gibbs - Although your comment didn't answer Francis' question, it did answer mine. I was about to unload a can of whoop ass on Zynga about it. Now I konw what to do next time it happens. 100 GU! Coins for you.

@Francie Gridling Enman - Don't have an answer for you. That's not something I have ever seen or heard about before.

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