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This cowgirl who shows up and freezes all my movement????

by Francie Gridling Enman - Feb 24, 2014 Star_s98 views

What is with this cowgirl who shows up on my farm, does nothing but stand next to me and make it so I can't move? I have to shut down and reload to get rid of her. Who or what is she and why does she always come to my place? Any way I can stop this as it really is frustrating. Thanks

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Elizabeth Gibbs - Mar 07, 2014

@ Francie Gridling Enman - Hun well if its not Marie then I'm not sure, sorry! Marie is the only Cowgirl who comes on my farm, and she always freezes it. Maybe you could contact Zynga about it. Does she happen daily, or only once in a while? Also does she look like any of your friends avatars. I ask because maybe one is visiting you at the same time you are working you farm and something happens that causes it to freeze. When I get friends who visited and congratulated me on the county fair it leaves a person there and they do just stay there until you click on them. However they don't usually freeze the game and I only notice them after I've reloaded never when I'm playing. Wish I could help more because I know how annoying it was to have the whole game freeze while in the middle of something ; )

@ Alan Attebery - So glad I could help you. It was super annoying until I figured out what was stopping Marie from completing her quest! I almost contacted Zynga until I noticed that the animals couldn't get to me and that when I wasn't behind the fence they had not problem getting to me and spreading speed feed joy!

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