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7-Day Quest: Parading Around (8 missions)

by Alan Attebery - Mar 11, 2014 Star_s6,652 views

The Parading Aroundis the latest 7-day quest for FarmVille 2 players to complete. It is expected to be released on Thursday, March 13. I have listed the expected requirements and rewards for this quest below. As always, requirements are subject to change at any time prior to release.

NOTE: I can NOT stand these 7-day quests and do not actively work them. As such, I will not be posting images to go with the information below, nor will I know if anything has changed once the quest is released. If anything is incorrect or changes after the quest is released, please leave a comment below so others can read it and know about it.

A placeholder for any items you will post to your Timeline has been dropped into the Snag Bar, which I will update with the actual information needed to work once the items have been reported as snaggable (


Mission 1: Celebrating Crop Diversity

Have a Toolshed on your farm
Receive 5 Pruning Shears
Craft 3 Produce Totes

Rewards: 100 XP & 90 Coins


Mission 2: March to a New Beat

Collect 5 Band Hats
Prune 4 Trees
Fertilize 3 Heirloom Trees

Rewards: 145 XP & 125 Coins


Mission 3: The Music Man

Harvest 3 Heirloom Apricot Trees
Craft 3 Heirloom Apricot Trifles
Gather 12 Prized Tree Crops

Rewards: 190 XP & 160 Coins


Mission 4: A River Runs Through It

Collect 5 Batons
PLant 18 Watercress
Fertilize 24 Water Crops

Rewards: 235 XP & 195 Coins


Mission 5: Marching Along

Dry 24 Crops
Craft 2 Watercress Soups
Feed 5 Adult Horses

Rewards: 280 XP & 230 Coins


Mission 6: Everybody Loves a Parade!

Harvest 24 Water Crops
Harvest 9 Heirloom Trees
Tend 10 Trees

Rewards: 325 XP & 265 Coins


Mission 7: Celebrating Crop Diversity

Collect 5 Brass Bugles
Make 2 Watercress Orange Salads
Tend Mud Wallow 4 times

Rewards: 370 XP & 300 Coins


Mission 8: Last Band Standing

Craft 5 Commemorative Plates
Fertilize 4 Elder Trees
Use 4 Pruning Shears

Rewards: 415 XP & 335 Coins


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Jay Nedoe - Mar 20, 2014

In quest no 6 (tend 10 neighbour trees) you have to harvest READY trees on your neighbours' farms.
(At least that's what finally worked for me.)

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