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Anyone else unable to buy Level 1 Fields Anymore?

by Jo Gielow - Apr 10, 2014 Star_s209 views

I accumulated enough Favors to buy another Level 1 field; however, I am unable to see where I can buy one now. When I press the new blue icon, all I see are offers to upgrade my existing fields. I don't actually recall how I bought the four fields I already have. Am I forgetting or missing something? Any insight would be much appreciated.

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Alan Attebery - Apr 10, 2014

The Big Harvest Favor items are sorted by Level, starting at Level 25. Each Level allows you to buy an item or upgrade something previously bought. Most levels limit how many you can buy.

For example, you can buy 5 Level 1 Fields at Level 25. You will need to move the slider bar all the way over to Level 25. If you haven't bought all five fields yet, you can buy the next one from that listing. If you have bought all five allowed on that listing, you will need to move the slider over until you find the next listing that allows you to buy a Field.

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