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What's the deal with all the PRIZED animal quests?

by Bryan Wesley - Apr 19, 2014 Star_s687 views

So you guys decided to make it difficult on people who do not keep certain animals on the farm. Seems kind of stupid to make the quests where you are required to harvest certain prized animals that are usually not considered to be common. PRIZED REINDEER? Yeah I have no way to complete the quest because I chose not to have a Reindeer on the farm. Much less the wasted space for a prized one!!! You can't buy one. At least I can't find one. Even if you could you would have to spend the time to feed it like 50 times to even make it prized, Then you would have to wait the extra time it takes for one to become hungry. Then you have to make ten stupid hat racks to boot. 50 feeds to make a prized reindeer. Then 4 feeds to make one hat rack. So your looking at 90 dang feedings to complete just one part of the 2nd level alone on the new quest. IT'S STUPID!!!!!!

Why make it so stupidly rediculouse that you turn people away who don't wish to spend money on the crap.

THANKS FOR NOTHING and making this game feel like it's become a waste of time!!!!!!!!!!

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Alan Attebery - Apr 19, 2014

Two things.

First, this is Gamers Unite! We are nothing more than a Facebook Games fansite. We have NO control over how the games are programmed. Yelling at us about something Zynga did won't get you anywhere because we can't control what Zynga does.

Secondly, why are you yelling at Zynga because of a decision YOU previously made? You are the one who chose not to buy a Reindeer back when they were offered. While I can certainly understand why you didn't (fitting yet another animal on your farm can be difficult at times), the fact remians that you and you alone made that decision.

FarmVille 2 is all about making decisions. Do you use your precious Water resources on your Raspberries or Rubber Trees? Watering your Raspberries may allow you to craft some high coinage recipes, but you could find yourself facing a quest tomorrow that asks for recipes that require Rubber. Would it be fair to yell at Zynga then because you chose to water Raspberries instead of Rubber Trees?

Whether an item is common or not doesn't matter. The fact remains that FarmVille 2 offered it at some point and you, for whatever reason, chose not to have on. You cannot now complain that you can't complete a quest because you chose not to buy one and make it Prized so you could use it later on if necessary.

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