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Trading Post Thank you's

by Faith Sprunger Senyo - Apr 14, 2014 Star_s79 views

What is the purpose of having Trading Post Order thank you's on the snag bar? Those and truffles are not personalized anymore (thank you, FB *sarcasm*). Why have them on snagger? It seems useless to me.

The only way a person knows if you are thanking them or giving them a truffle is if you make a comment and tag them in it. I do that by having the wall in one tab and the farm in another. When I post a truffle, I go to the wall and add a comment with the person's name. Hopefully, they find it.

But the trading post things... yeah, click and it takes you to their trading post to order stuff. I don't need that 20 times. I can order crops from my own, on my own farm. Taking up room on snagged items with trading post is a waste.

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Connie Marie - Apr 22, 2014

The trading post for me is worthless because I don't get the bushels from there. I pick all these bushels but, when I go to my market stall, those bushels are not in there.

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