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Timed Quest: A Timeless Classic (8 missions + Donkey Cart)

by Alan Attebery - Apr 29, 2014 Star_s5,062 views


Walter is putting on a stage play. One of the all-time classics. Which means, of course, that he needs help. And because we are the kind of farmer that believes in helping our neighbors, we will do just that in this week's A Timeless Classic quest.

But that's not all! Gus is herding his racing donkeys pass your farm. One of the donkeys, however, gets so enchanted with your farm that he decides to stick around. Gus says you can keep him if you build a Donkey Cart to keep all his toys in.

There are 8 missions in the A Timeless Classic quest, and IT IS A TIMED one. You must be at least Level ?? to receive this quest. The expected end date is Tuesday, May 13.

See below for the requirements and rewards for the A Timeless Classic quest. Instructions for the Donkey Cart can be found below as well.



NOTE: Although the A Timeless Classic quest is expected to end on May 13, the associated Donkey Cart is not expected to end until May 13.



Donkey Cart - Place
Donkey Cart - Place

Rewards: n/a


Donkey Cart - Materials
Donkey Cart - Materials
10 Donkey Nails
10 Donkey Boards
10 Donkey Bowls

Rewards: n/a


Donkey Cart - Builders
Donkey Cart - Builders

Rewards: n/a



Befriend The Donkey
Befriend The Donkey
Build the Donkey Cart
Collect 3 Donkey Treats (complete A Timeless Classic missions)
Craft 5 Stuffed Donkey Toys

Rewards: Baby Catalan Donkey & 10 Favors



A Timeless Classic: 1 of 8 - Setting the Stage!
Setting the Stage!
Place Donkey Cart on farm
Water 20 Strawberries
Harvest 2 Water (from Wells or Tower)

Rewards: 1 Favor & 30 XP & 300 Coins & 1 Donkey Treat


A Timeless Classic: 2 of 8 - Casting Ain't Easy!
Casting Ain't Easy!
Collect 5 Toy Helmets
Perform 5 Neighbor Actions
Feed 3 Adult Chickens

Rewards: 1 Favor & 35 XP & 350 Coins & 1 Donkey Treat


A Timeless Classic: 3 of 8 - Morale Management
Morale Management
Harvest 10 Blueberries
Feed 3 Adult Goats
Craft 3 Strawberry Pies

Rewards: 1 Favor & 40 XP & 400 Coins & 1 Donkey Treat


A Timeless Classic: 4 of 8 - Thespian Therapy
Thespian Therapy
Collect 5 Toy Shields
Harvest 4 Lemon Trees
Craft 3 Lemonade

Rewards: 1 Favor & 45 XP & 450 Coins


A Timeless Classic: 5 of 8 - A Little R & R
A Little R & R
Harvest Pig Pen 2 times
Feed 2 Adult Horses
Craft 3 Cheese Quiches

Rewards: 1 Favor & 50 XP & 550 Coins


A Timeless Classic: 6 of 8 - Dramatic Due Diligence
Dramatic Due Diligence
Harvest Duck House 2 times
Harvest 20 Wheat
Craft 4 Feather Charms

Rewards: 1 Favor & 70 XP & 650 Coins


A Timeless Classic: 7 of 8 - Set Dressing 101
Set Dressing 101
Collect 5 Toy Windmills
Harvest 30 Sunflowers
Craft 2 Hand Mirrors

Rewards: 2 Favors & 90 XP & 900 Coins


A Timeless Classic: 8 of 8 - Last Minute Preparations
Last Minute Preparations
Harvest Sheep Shack 2 times
Feed 4 Adult Ducks
Craft 1 Rope Winch (Rope comes from Donkeys)

Rewards: 2 Favors & 120 XP & 1100 Coins

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DollAnne Diabolito - May 01, 2014

I finished the quest but had to pay Farmbucks to make the "rope winch" at the end because you need to feed a donkey to get the rope. You can't buy a donkey and you have to make the rope winch to win a donkey.... so how are you supposed to complete the quest without paying $?

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