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Consumable Codes/Cheat Engine 6.1

by Redajo Keeney - Oct 17, 2013 Star_s99,411 views

Okay, this is a quick how to on Cheat Engine 6.1. Some of it is copied and pasted from another cheat tip on here, but only because it's already there. I'm just altering it from 6.2 to 6.1, and from numerical codes to the written words...

1 - You need Firefox or Chrome and CheatEngine


2 - Open Farmville 2 in your browser of choice

3 - See below:

For Firefox: Open CheatEngine, and go to File > Open Process. You should look in the Process List for the two Flash processes and double-click the second Flash process (underneath the first if you look top-to-bottom). Something like 0000055C-FlashPlayerPlugin_11_6_602_171.exe (may be different in your computer).

For Chrome: Open Chrome, type this in the adress bar chrome://memory-redirect/ and check for the PID of Shockwave's process. Copy it. Convert it from Decimal to Hexadecimal: Then open CheatEngine, and look for the chrome process ending in that number. e.g.: 2908 > B5C > 00000B5C-chrome.exe

4 - Now, at the right side of your CheatEngine window, you should see Value Type. Change it to Text.

5 - Search what you are going to change first (hitting First Scan) : Example - Water 50 Pack, search first e_rare_crafted_custard_berry. You should find results in the left box with two columns (Address and Value).

6 - Select the first one and press Ctrl+A. Right-click in one of the results and click the option Add selected addresses to the addresslist. They should now be in the lower box.

7 - Select the first address in the bottom box. Now, scroll till the very end of your list and Shift+Left-Click the last address in your lower box. Now, all your small addresses should be selected.

8 - Right-Click one of the selected addresses (all the others should continue selected) and choose the option Change Record > Value.

9 - A Change Value window pops up. Now, in the text box, change the value to e_resource_water_can_pack_50. Now all the addresses that you selected should have this value instead of the first one.

10 - On your Farmville 2 screen, go into your Kitchen and make (for this example) the Berry Custard (Page 17 in Kitchen). As you make them, you'll get Water 50 Packs, instead of the Berry Custards added to your inventory.

11 - Keep in mind, you can have a hundred of each consummable, and everything will reset when you refresh the page. As you go, you'll have to go and fill your Speed-Grow/Speed-Feed/Unwithers, and then refill the refill packs. To do that go into your inventory, and click the refill packs till it tells you that you can't have anymore.

Common Consumables: Using the Craft Kitchen - You may notice, each consummable take up a certian amount of space (ex: Water uses 28 spaces), the codes for the item you're making take the same amount of space (Berry Custard: 28 spaces).

e_resource_water_can_pack_50 (28)
e_rare_crafted_custard_berry (28)

e_resource_fertilizer_bag_pack_100 (34)
e_rare_crafted_lemonade_strawberry (34)

e_resource_instagrow_pack_50 (28)
e_rare_crafted_filling_apple (28)
e_rare_crafted_custard_berry (28)

e_resource_speedfeed_pack_25 (28)
e_rare_crafted_filling_apple (28)
e_rare_crafted_custard_berry (28)

Unwither Crops:
e_resource_unwither_pack_25 (27)
e_rare_crafted_salad_potato (27)
e_rare_crafted_flour_barley (27)

e_resource_energy_pack_15 (25)
e_rare_crafted_buttermilk (25)

Baby Bottles:
e_resource_bottle_pack_20 (25)
e_resource_bottle_pack_10 (25)
e_rare_crafted_buttermilk (25)

Salt & Sugar:
e_resource_salt_pack_10 (23)
e_rare_crafted_lemonade (23)

e_resource_sugar_pack_10 (24)
e_rare_crafted_meal_corn (24)

Square Groves:
e_building_grove_sqr_std (24)
e_deco_fence_dilapidated (24) (this is found in the Shop, you buy this one instead of making)
e_rare_crafted_meal_corn (24)

Dryer Fuel:
e_resource_biofuel_pack_50 (26)
e_rare_crafted_heavy_cream (26)

Now I'm asking for help, if anyone comes up with any new codes, please feel free to share them on here. In particular, I'm looking for a code for Shears.

Hope this helps, and don't forget to Bookmark, so you don't lose this page.

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DollAnne Diabolito - May 01, 2014

Is the buttermilk/power pack 15 code still working for anyone? I tried it several times today and not only did I not get more energy packs, I lost all the energy packs I already had in my inventory. :p

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