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Warning! Do NOT add your wells to water tower!

by Tasi Kilata - Apr 28, 2014 Star_s13,293 views

Last night, I did a big mistake...
When the timer for the water tower was up, I clicked to add my wells on it, without first checking if the tower will behave like a big well. The bad news is that it doesn't, and I will explain myself...

With wells we used to be able to harvest them while having for example 29/30 water and the well timer started counting while the well had still 9/10 available water on it, thus giving us much more water in the end of the day. Someone in this forum already made the maths but I can't find his post.

Now with water tower, when you harvest it, you get all the 70 water in once, which means that you have 70/30 and you won't get that 1 water per 3 minutes until your water supply gets back to at least 29/30.

Moreover, as Kathy stated on this post:
your water tower won't be available to you while you upgrade it to lvl 2 etc.

So my advice is:
At least until they fix it to work like a well...If it was not an intentional move to stop us from using the wells on a later time, in the first place.

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Alan Attebery - May 05, 2014

@Ann Caddell Watts - Why let the new Favor system bug you so badly? I refuse to break my back trying to complete orders. When I have the items on the Order Board, I make them and get the Favors. When I don't have the items, I dismiss the order. The only time I might scramble to complete orders is when I have already completd 10 or more of them and there are only a couple of days left. But even then, I take a look at what is being offered and decide if it is worth the time and hassle. If I think it is, then I do it. If I don't think it's worth it, then I don't. And if I don't get my bonus Favors for that week, then oh well. It's not a big deal. I'll go on with my farming as I always have.

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