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Warning! Do NOT add your wells to water tower!

by Tasi Kilata - Apr 28, 2014 Star_s13,311 views

Last night, I did a big mistake...
When the timer for the water tower was up, I clicked to add my wells on it, without first checking if the tower will behave like a big well. The bad news is that it doesn't, and I will explain myself...

With wells we used to be able to harvest them while having for example 29/30 water and the well timer started counting while the well had still 9/10 available water on it, thus giving us much more water in the end of the day. Someone in this forum already made the maths but I can't find his post.

Now with water tower, when you harvest it, you get all the 70 water in once, which means that you have 70/30 and you won't get that 1 water per 3 minutes until your water supply gets back to at least 29/30.

Moreover, as Kathy stated on this post:
your water tower won't be available to you while you upgrade it to lvl 2 etc.

So my advice is:
At least until they fix it to work like a well...If it was not an intentional move to stop us from using the wells on a later time, in the first place.

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BettyAnn Botha - May 08, 2014

@Tasi Kilata - Most of my neighbors are clicking on mine - this is what I did. I moved my water tower and windmill to the middle of my farm and made sure there is nothing around them - they are in the middle of my plots so they really stick out. Don't expect your neighbors to click on them if they are stuck among a whole lot of other stuff or at the back or to one side of the farm or especially if your farm is cluttered with ornaments and animals roaming all over the place. Put it where they can see it.

A good way to check this is close your farm down. Open it and without making it a full page view or moving around on the farm just have a look at it. What you are seeing is what your neighbors are seeing when they visit. Check where your water tower and windmill are. If you cannot see them clearly neither can your neighbors.

Secondly (and I play in Facebook) when I visited my neighbors I left each and every one of them a Facebook message asking them to please click on my water tower and windmill and explaining to them why it was important to me.

And then the last thing - every time I visit my neighbors I zoom out, look for their water tower and windmill and click on them. Once they see the benefit they start to get with the plan.

Most people don't realise how important it is but also you have to do the work to get the rewards! LOL.

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