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County Fair Cheating? Is it true?

by Sarah Johnstone - May 03, 2014 Star_s9,069 views

I have a neighbour who manages to get her 1950 (or whatever) points in 1-2 days ... while I and the rest of my neighbours sometimes struggle right through the week.

How is she doing this? I don't want to know how to cheat as I enjoy the test each week, but I just want to know if its possible for her to cheat or is she doing the silly Farm Cash thing and "buying" points?


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Alison Wolfenden - May 15, 2014

I try to get my points quickly at the start of the week just in case I can't get on to my farm or I'm too busy to play properly. I not too bothered if I win the country (I do like to get higher than my husband though lol) but I aim to get to the next level or keep my legendary statues. What I do is I set up lots of different high value crops so they are ready to harvest after I've been to the county fair. I buy a golden shovel then harvest my farm including heirloom trees. I then do my neighbour actions. After 18 I do the neighbour actions again using the same golden shovel. At this point I've pretty much got enough points. I just play the game as normal at this point.

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