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Tip: Think very carefully about Big Harvest Field and Grove Upgrades

by BettyAnn Botha - May 13, 2014 Star_s2,330 views

I have been thinking about this and have decided I am not going to upgrade any more fields or groves. This is why:

1. What do you get from upgrading groves and fields? Bonus crops. What is the point of bonus crops? To get coins at the County Fair.

2. Calculate the VALUE in coins of the stuff you have had to trade in order to get the upgrades. Now check that against the additional County Fair points earned and therefore the additional coins earned at County Fair.

You are FAR better off selling your produce for coins – all you are now doing is basically trading your produce for County Fair points and converting those points into LESS than you would get for selling your produce in the first instance.

PLUS when they release more land you will have no money, no inventory, no NOTHING to get the new land.

So, get the windmill, get the water tower and maybe get the barn – that one is still an open question – not sure of the value at all there. And then STOP with the Big Harvest. All it is designed to do is slow you down in the game.

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Alison Wolfenden - May 19, 2014

Betty I was thinking the same as you. It seems the fields are not as good at you think they are going to be but I like the way they save you space and they are quick to fertilise etc so I'm glad I've got a few but I'm busting a gut converting all my plots. It like anything I suppose, it depends how you play the game.

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