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What is the Best On The Farm Animal Ratio

by 'Sydney Harris - Jun 05, 2014 Star_s105 views

I have space for 55 animals on my farm - what's the best ratio of animals to have? I know that I need 8 pigs for best output of coins, any other advice?

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Julie Poynting - Jun 05, 2014

Black stallions give 4 fertilizer every time they are fed, and if you can raise angora rabbits in the nursery they then give 4 and they can be fed hourly.I don't keep prized animals on the farm at all just in the stores but I feed them every day so as to keep up.Because I don't pay for things I usually look for animals that give the best fertilizer.Depends how you play the game , if you plant lots of crops you need the fertilizer.

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