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by Reimon Stephen F. Pingol - Jan 03, 2013 Star_s7,696 views

Heres what you do: first build your empire to a powerful one or atleast get some dragon (Me i get my dragon for free because im higher than lvl.10 in social wars and dragoncity so i get a rainbow dragon and galaxy dragon.) then click the world logo on the top right next to your empire name then click search enemy then find a player with your desired resources then click attack but if you dont like the players resources dont click attack but click the button next to it (note this will cost you some gold) then attack its town hall first then destroy everything if you destroy the town hall its allright to loose because you will get many resources all ready then .. oh wait you need to have a graveyard first to get back all your unit thenafter you resurected them i advise to buy expansion and walls when you buy walls and towers it will make you lvl higher faster... me i just play my social empire just 5 days and now im lvl 47 .... and now theres it im sorry for my bad english. i hope i this help.

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Parbhu Hashmith - Jun 06, 2014

No offense, but this is the basic of Social Empires. :)

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