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Free water. No hacks or links.

by Joshua Bond - Dec 08, 2012 Star_s1,507 views

I have three wells and needed to harvest 4 so I was going to use just a couple water and harvest one twice. But my hand slipped and I click too many trees. So I refreshed the page. I noticed that the wells had not been harvested and that I had much more water than before. So I used the water and tried it again. And it worked. The timing is finicky but I managed to do it 4 times before any of the wells were used. I think I just waited too long because I was trying to get more water.

Here are the steps.

1 - Use up your water.

2 - Harvest 3 wells.

3 - Quickly after you click the third well refresh the page.

This should net you about 20 water each time.

I waited a bit after clicking the last time just to see if I could get more than 20. It caused my first 2 wells to be used up and I still only got about 20 water.

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Jane Brant - Jun 06, 2014

ty i will try it, xxxx

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