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Snag Bar Status: RETIRED

by Amy Wong - Oct 01, 2011 Star_s377,423 views

Update: 5/18/2015: We are very sorry to say we are no longer able to continue supporting the Snag Bar. Thank you for all your support and you can read more details here.

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Connie Marie - Jun 15, 2014

1.Your browser name Firefix
2.Your computer's operating system windows

3.What Anti-virus and/or Anti-malware programs you use avg
4.The game FV1
5.When the problem started at least a month, maybe 2
6.Whether you have had any problems accessing your Facebook Profile NO
7.If you have recently installed / uninstalled / updated any programs on your computer NO
8.If the problem occurs on other computers (if applicable)
9.Do you have a second Facebook account no
10.Does anyone else use the same computer to access their Facebook account no
11.Does the problem occur on other Facebook accounts you or your family have (if applicable)
12.Whether the problem occurs when using a different browser only have one yes
13.Whether the problem occurs constantly or randomly a;ways
14.What steps have you taken to try and solve this problem (be specific) this is it
15.Whether anything changed after taking those steps and, if so, exactly what changed
16.A step-by-step detailed description of what is happening from the moment you hit "Snag" (or open your browser if you can’t get that far)
17.A screenshot of the problem can't give one
18.Any other information that might be relevant to this problem: My snagbar does not get trees any more nor is there an option in the settings to get trees anymore.

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