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Zynga strikes again - high XP is more impossible than ever - now need glass for pig cookie jar

by Sharon Quarrington - Jun 21, 2014 Star_s7,723 views

One way to quickly get xp was to collect mud and make porcelin and pottery slips and then craft cookie jars. Pig cookie jars gave a lot of xp and only cost a few mud and 3 energy. When you need to earn 300000 xp to level up this really helped - expecially if I collected ingredients and waited to double up.

Guess what - the recipe changed.

Zynga seems determined to really make leveling up so hard once you get past 80 - I was hoping to get to level 100 but it seems almost impossible.

Anyone got a new xp strategy that will help?

Update: Zynga is now dropping the xp given for animals - prized animals that once gave 150 xp are giving 15. Harvesting a prize pig shed with speed feed once gave me nearly 6000 xp today it is less than 200.

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Alison Wolfenden - Jun 22, 2014

I've just noticed the recipe change hence checking on this site to see if it the same for everyone. I used to use it too to level up. I wouldn't call it cheating, I call it strategically playing the game. Why are they just making it harder and harder. You have to spend hours on it to complete everything. It was starting to take over my life to be honest so I limit myself to one hour a day and maybe a quick go before bed. If I can't complete stuff then so be it. If I get to the point where I just don't think I'm getting anywhere I'm quitting.

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