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MW Link collection script UPDATE

by Vasil Martinov - Sep 24, 2012 Star_s3,871 views


many of you may know about the link collecting script. There is an update from today which includes atomatic gathering of all the links on every congratulate you make. (see screenshot bellow). This way you don't need to make copy/paste every time, but only when you finish generating the link.

How to install the script:
Install the latest versions of Firefox or Chrome
1. Firefox
1.1 Install greasemonkey from here:
1.2 Click on the link for the script:
1.3 Click Install button when available after 2-4 seconds
1.4 Hit refresh on the Monster World Game

2. Chrome
2.1 Launch chrome.exe with the --enable-greasemonkey flag – Create a shortcut to the new file and just copy/paste “--enable-greasemonkey ” after the shortcut.
2.2 Download the script to your computer
2.3 Go to Tools -> Extensions
2.4 Drag & Drop the script to the Extensions page
2.5 Hit refresh on the Monster World Game

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DonandValerie Walker - Jul 20, 2014

I tried downloading new script.It just brings up a bar at the top of the page to install.I click it but nothing happens.

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