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How do I store things in my warehouse?

by Irene Henderson - Jul 01, 2014 Star_s1,549 views

How do I store machines in my warehouse? I have upgraded it to level 4 and still can't figure out how to put anything in it. Do I need to upgrade more?

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Byrony Ironwing - Aug 12, 2014

Down by the store button there's a button with a box on it, with a blue arrow pointing into the box. That's your warehouse tool. If you hover over it, it can also be your sell tool or your decoration warehouse tool. Click on the blue-arrow-box icon, then click the item you want to store. If there's nothing in it, it'll go directly into your warehouse. No, you don't need to upgrade more to do so, but I would recommend continuing to upgrade your warehouse as much as you can. You'll be glad of it later on.

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