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Guinea Pigs We Are

by Paul G Tolley - Oct 05, 2014 Star_s1,025 views

Just as a matter of interest.

I was chatting to FV2 Support attempting to get my XP levelling resolved. The reason was my son and partner at level 107 onwards only required 160,000 xp to level up, where I required 600,000 xp. So after numerous emails I was eventually told that FV2 is currently experimenting with the player sub-groups. So some players, like myself, will have huge XP levels to achieve, while other players will have less.

There a few problems with this approach as you can well imagine. Excluding people jumping levels way ahead of people like me. I was also the lucky one to have the other reduced xp on animals etc so I lost out big time.

There only responses were "Keep your chin up"; What a great farm you have!"; here have some bonuses; and twice now, my case will be put forward to some FV2 Admin Review Panel (which in the IT world is referred to as the Black Hole).

Now somewhere along the line I was boosted to level 120 and I thought ripper they have fixed my issue! But alas No. Yes I was boosted to level 120, but my xp levels are now 1 million between levels. WTF?? I am watching people jump in some cases two levels per day, meanwhile I will be lucky if I make it within 10 days!

So if you think you have it hard with all those tasks, just think about people like me. I imagine it will be sobering!

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Ron Reisinger - Oct 07, 2014

also at i million between levels and only at 115 level. got no response why

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