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Level 65 help please

by Jeanne Snyder Smith - May 10, 2012 Star_s1,429,811 views

I cannot seem to get past level 65. Does anybody have any tips?

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Julie Nguy - Oct 07, 2014

Here are some tips for level 65: Try to clear the 6 chocolates first, so that the chocolate does not continue to cover more jelly each move. Break the 6 jelly cages early too so that you can focus on clearing jelly. The key to clearing all the jelly is to make Super Candies and save them for Super Candy Combos. Any Super Candy combination using a Wrapped Candy and Color Bomb will clear lots of jellies. As Super Candy Combos clear away large groups of candies, more candies will fall in and the cascade effect will help to clear even more jellies. Don't worry about the point requirement, as long as you are making super candy combos, you will easily pass 120,000 points.

Hope it helps!
Link to the video tip:

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