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Does anyone else hate the new leveling up requirements?

by Lisa Held - Oct 22, 2014 Star_s1,739 views

Since Zynga lowered the XP's of leveling up, it takes me a week or more to reach a new level whereas before I leveled up every other day. Yes, the requirements dropped almost in half, but now my goat shed (which I used to speed-feed to level up faster) went from giving me 3200 XP to 320 XP. Needless to say, I have 160 speed-feeds that sit unused. I used to make the acoma vases a lot and rarely had any mud as a result. Now I have over a thousand muds because that doesn't help much. Marie's prized buffalo used to give 150 XP for each one I clicked, now they drop a paltry 13 XP each. I quickly realized that visiting neighbors wasn't worth it anymore unless I needed water or fertilizer, which I rarely ever do.

Even though the old requirements were higher, at least there was hope if you had enough mud and/or speed-feed. Now the game has become tedious and boring. I went from playing several times a day to playing once and even that's too much. Does anyone else feel this way?

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Brian Christiansen - Oct 28, 2014

my farm is set for max xp level 129 i still level up once a day or more

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