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Too Many Quests, Jobs and Challenges

by Joan Brennen Wendell - Sep 05, 2014 Star_s2,913 views

Really, this is a bit ridiculous. More than six going at once, it takes the fun out of the game when you think you are doomed to fail.

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Aloha Towers - Oct 30, 2014

Aloha... All those multiply quests are probably for those who can afford the extra time and/or money to do them. Got to keep the top guys and deep pockets happy, right? I cant afford to shell out the moolah (money) so like a ducky I paddle like crazy to keep up with the Jones and Smiths (lol). Once I got the (10) favors prize I am so out of there and move on to the next one already. Good luck to you and everyone working so hard on their quests!!!

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