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Farm Animal Limit

by Bob Storeide - Nov 09, 2014 Star_s295 views

There seems to ba clitch right now. I can add as many farm animals as I want. The max I can have is 65. I have added 81 so far and can keep going. I noticed it when I had several animals reach prized status. I had about 7 chickens move off the farm. I added until it reached max. It never did.

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Julie Poynting - Nov 17, 2014

Prized animals never went automatically to the inventory. Once an animal is prized it goes to shed or if the shed is full it goes to pasture unless you 'unclick' the box on the 'you have sent an animal to market' page. nI which case it stays on the farm as a prized animal and then you can move it to inventory.

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