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Multiply as much as you want as long as you have three devices with the Farmville 2 App!

by - Jan 14, 2015 Star_s902 views

Have you ever been in a situation where you need many items, say, for an event? With your two devices by your side and main device in hand, you can multiply them. Have the devices B and C ready at the market and sell an item (maybe copper.) Device A, the main device, must be friends with devices B and C. When you sell from device A, it should show on the others. Though, initially, you only sold one piece of quartz (you can have more), by purchasing it on both devices, you end up with two. If you sell five, you end up with ten.

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Linda Tigre - Jan 18, 2015

I think he is talking about the country express game. It can be played on tablet, phone, or even a pc with an android emulator. If the 3 devices are not synchronized, you can take advantage of this glitch. You can also change the clocks and cheat that way - like if visiting the Pond will take 8 hours, just change you r phone's date/time setting to 8 hours later, get the goodies, then reset to proper time.

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