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Not understanding some aspects of the game...

by Chelsea Ann Shepard - Jan 14, 2015 Star_s3,117 views

When you get to choose whther to challenge your opponent or play for a character what are the advantages of challenging the other player? What do you get out of it? Wouldnt it be more of a benefit to play for the character?

When you are at the screen with the wheel and there is the crown at the bottom, there are 3 sections that get colored in yellow? Whar does this mean? Do you have to get 3 questions correct in a row?

Do you have to answer questions till you get one worng? And when you get one wrong all the icons you have been working for disappear?

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Claire Benson - Jan 18, 2015

Generally I play for the character I want unless my opponent is about to win than I might play for one of theirs. :)

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