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co-op getting ridiculous

by Wendy Miles Edwards - Dec 24, 2014 Star_s7,993 views

Is anyone else having to complete orders that require 600 water or high amounts of an item? it is getting ridiculous and almost impossible to complete. I also have 26 orders towards goal but only 23 listed in co-op. I have been playing for a long time but it is becoming more of a headache to get ahead than it is fun =(

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Vesna Marić - Jan 29, 2015

Marja Soleis Jones - switching the co-op: open Farm co-ops and under the list of your co-op members click 'leave co-op'. Doing this, you loose your progress for a week. If you have already found the co-op you want to join, go to the 'browse co-op' section and type the co-op name and join.

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