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Dominate the Realm! Clash of Clans is an addictive combat strategy game with thousands of other players in epic online battles.


Clash of Clans - Strategies, Guides, Tips and Tricks

by Julie Nguy - Jan 23, 2015 Star_s198 views

Clash of Clans tips, tricks, strategies, tutorials and guides.

If you have any suggestions, please post here :) thanks!!

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Julie Nguy - Feb 17, 2015

Watch this video to learn more about Archer Tower in Clash of Clans:

You can unlock this defense tower when you reach a level 2 town hall, and you can start construction when you have collected 1,000 gold. After construction is complete, you’ll notice an archer placed on the tower. These towers are extremely versatile defensive structures because of their ability to attack both ground and air troops. Since the Archer Towers have excellent range, we suggest you place them along the outer perimeter of your village. Doing so allows your Archer Tower to inflict more damage to invaders before they can reach your other defense’s range. But, keep in mind that the Archer Tower can only attack one target at a time.


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