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CityVille Bug -- [Known Issues]

by Rainexel Zeehk - Dec 29, 2010 Star_s49,806 views

Hi, Im starting a Thread about the Bug of CityVille, i compiled all the reports here to avoid duplicate post of the same topic / issue and to inform players if the bug is already fixed -- Please report it here IF YOU FOUND A BUG / GLITCH on quest and items.
Loading and Feed Issues
Franchise Issues
Quest / Goal Issues
Gifting Issues
Neighbor Issues
Collection Issues
Rollback Issues
Release Notes FIXED BUG! Removed from the list above
122710 - Fixed the OOS error that would come up whenever a player collected a franchise sale with 0 energy.
123010 - Fixed the issues that was causing the cinema to remain locked when it's required to complete a quest.
010411 - Quests that are in sequence (ones that unlock an object then require a
player to build/place it) should now be recognizing the built/placed
object if it was built/placed before the quest that requires it.
010411 - Resolved the issue where collecting from or supplying a business would get stuck in queue until a refresh.
010411 - Sound effects will now stay off after a refresh.
010511 - Fixed the issues where the 7th franchise was not appearing in the franchises menu.
010511 - Fixed the issue where players were not receiving the quest completion notification upon completing quests.
011211 - Transport error Fixed the issue where a transport error would come up when performing an action after an idle period.
011211 - "Find the Hidden Key" Quest Fixed the issue where harvested carrots were not being counted towards the "Find the Hidden Key" quest.
011211 - Removed the Holiday Tree quests Holiday Tree quests should no longer be appearing for anyone who has not completed them.
011211 - Visiting neighbors' pictures Fixed the issue where the pictures for visiting neighbors would appear blank if they did not have a profile picture.
011211 - Energy bar display issue Fixed the issue where the energy bar would display full energy when energy was at 0
011211 - Loading from the bookmark Fixed an issue where the game was not loading from the facebook bookmark
011211 - Completing quests Fixed the issue for the rest of the quests where an unlocked item placed before receiving the quest was not counting towards it.
011411 - Build Menu Fixed the issue preventing some players from selecting items from the build menu
011411 - Selecting multiple crops/boats Fixed the issue preventing some players from selecting multiple crops/boats.
012011 - Receiving new HQs Fixed the issue preventing some players from receiving new HQs even after all the requirements were met.
012011 - "Holiday Tree Fixed the issue causing an OOS error when attempting to place the holiday tree from inventory.
012011 - Loading Assets error Fixed instances of the loading assets error related to quests.
012111 - Fixed certain instances of the free gifts page not loading.
012111 - "Blinking" citizens Fixed the "blinking" citizens issue.
012111 - Issues causing lag Improved issues related to citizens causing lag.
051211 - Fixed the issue where players were unable to accept requests past the first request.
051211 - Changed the task from "Collect from neighbor's Cosmetic store 5 times" to "Send tour buses to neighbor's Cosmetic Store 5 times."
052411 -Fixed the issue where neighbors are not appearing in the CityVille Friends tab when asking their friends for help upgrading their bakery.
052411 - We have implemented a fix to resolve this issue. Players will now be able to progress in specific quests that require collection from a Bank or Clinic when collecting from an Upgraded Bank and Clinic.
052511 - We have implemented the correct image when collecting a Building Grant from the Hardware Store
052511 - We have implemented a fix to resolve the error that players were experiencing when placing a drive-in if they were at their population cap.
052611 - We resolved a fix for players that have been receiving a message stating they have missed a day of their daily bonus when collecting everyday.
052611 - We have implemented a fix to resolve OOS errors for players that have upgraded neighbor Bakery Franchises in their City.
060811 - Implemented a fix for players affected by the recent warehouse issue. We have removed the additional warehouse, as it was causing multiple technical issues and granted 2 extra slots and increased the capacity to 26 for the original warehouses that were affected.
061311 - Resolved the OOS error players were receiving when trying to complete the Platform Bridge.
061411 - Resolved the Mall Mystery Business issue. Players will now only be displayed the mystery businesses they are being awarded, not potential rewards for the next level.
061511 - Implemented a fix to remove requests that have already been filled from the Zynga Message Center
061511 - Resolved issue for Level 3 City Hall Crew positions. Crew invites should be able to be accepted by players when trying to upgrade to a Level 3 City Hall now. 
061511 - Added a fix for Crew Complete Email. If the last crew is accepted through the Zynga Message Center the Crew Complete email is sent.
062111 - Resolved an OOS error caused by interacting with Malls.
062411 - We have corrected the messaging players receive when accepting a gift if their inventory is full. 
062411 - Resolved the Ticket Booth request issue. Players should now be able to send their friends Cotton Candy, Snow Cone and Animal Balloon. *UPDATED*
062611 - Attempted to resolve the "Net Status 2 Failure" for more higher level players that have been recently experiencing this issue. *Updated*
062611 - Released a fix for the Harvest Icons not appearing when a Community Building is ready.
070611 - Localization updates to resolve minor display issues.
070611 - Corrected building upgrade request text.
070811 - Clarified Mystery Box text in ZMC.
070811 - Fixed text inaccuracy when clearing withered crops.
070811 - Localized "crew complete" e-mails.
070811 - Fixed 4th of July items to properly display as LE.Removed Barbecue, was intended to be weekend LE only.
071311 - Resolved issues with the Geodesic Rainforest. Players will now be able to request Watering Cans and Fertilizer.
071411 - Resolved the OOS error caused by placing a non-purchased Glass Pyramid in your City.
071411 - Fixed translations for the Bastille Day Goals.
071811 - Corrected the flag pattern on the French Cafe and French Street Lamp.Resolved "stuck at 93%" issue from 7/18.
071811 - Fixed the issue with the Geo-Desic Rainforest. Players should now be able to request Watering Cans and Fertilizer again.
071911 - Reduced the visibility of the Tourist Check In Icon (Example: Image of your friend's Facebook picture above a tourist in game). This will only be available to view upon message and hover over with mouse.
071911 - Fixed the Upgraded College Library issue. Players collecting from an upgraded College Library will now receive credit towards quests.
072211 - Resolved the OOS Error when moving a City Port.
072211 - Released a fix that should help resolve lagging issues due to Hotel tourist traffic.
072211 - Introduced a fix to resolve issues getting stuck at 93%
080111 - Redesigned the Tool Bar to display CityVille tools in two separate columns.
080311 - Improved messaging during OOS Error. You will now receive "restoring to previously saved state" and your game will refresh the game session itself, instead of reloading the entire page.
080811 - Resolved issue with Outdoor Goal. We will now display the Forest Cave item as a potential reward.
081011 - Resolved the missing goods issue that occurred around 10:30 PM on 8/8. As of last night, we have credited back the affected players.
081011 - Pushed a fix for half loading screen. The right side of the page should now appear for players that were encountering this issue.
081111 - Introduced a resolution for faster load times by opting in during loading screen. To learn more please visit the following guide.
081111 - Put in a fix for the "Municpal deleted" message players were receiving when accepting Mall 2 crew invite through the ZMC.
081111 - Resolved Zoom Out Issue some players were experiencing.
081511 - Released an improvement to asset loading performance.
081611 - Added a bonus % payout to the St Bernard Decoration.
Resolved the Tour Bus Icon issue. This icon was appearing on Go Kart Attraction before loading.
Fixed the messaging players receive when checking in and upgrading to VIP.
081811 - Resolved the issue with Killer Whales and Sharks not appearing when placed in the Water. Please confirm if you are no longer having issues on the following thread.
Fixed issue with Build Menu not opening for players that were out of energy.
Released a possible fix for for the issue preventing some players from accepting neighbor requests. If you are still experiencing this issue, please click here and post a reply with as much details as possible.
Pushed a fix for the error message players were receiving when collecting Mystery Business.
082311 - Resolved the OOS issue players were encountering when placing their Marina and Cruise Ship Dock.  If your issue has been fixed please confirm in the following thread.
082311 - Fixed the Build Menu not opening issue. Please confirm if your issue has been resolved in the following thread.
082411 - Resolved the error players were receiving when collecting the Mystery Business. Please confirm if you no longer have this issue in the following thread.
Fixed the OOS connectivity issue occurring when attempting to build the Dam, Bridge, Go Kart Attraction and Cruise Ship. Please confirm if you are no longer having issues in the following thread.
082511 - Added a fix for broken text in quests.
082511 - Reintroduced the Bandit Rewards and Parking Lot into the Build Menu.
082611 - We've pushed a potential fix to resolve OOS when checking into VIP. If you are still encountering errors or have confirmed the fix please update the following thread.
082611 - Introduced a possible resolution for accepting Energy and Permits through ZSC and not receiving them in their inventory. If you are still experiencing issues please post in the following thread.
082611 - Potentially resolved the Vacation Goal Issue where upgraded buildings were not counting towards progress. Please reply on the following thread if you are no longer experiencing issues.
083111 - Pushed a resolution for an OOS issue when purchasing through the Sporting Store Goal.
083111 - Added a fix to resolve the Homer Library not counting towards Family Vacation Goals. When collecting from this building should now result in progress in goal. Please verify if you are no longer experiencing these issues in the following thread.
083111 - Resolved technical issues with the Surf N Shop. Due to this fix we have begun gradually turning this feature on for more players. Click here to learn more.
090111 - Fixed the issue with Upgraded Summer Business not progressing in Sailboat Hotel Goals until refresh. Your upgrade progress should now be counted immediately. Please visit the following thread to confirm if you are still having issues.
090111 - Resolved multiple ZSC accepting issues, including accepting energy and permits. Please confirm if your issues have been resolved.
090211 - Resolved the Lobby Support 2 issue with inviting your friends. Please confirm on the following thread that you are no longer having issues.
090811 - Added Landmarks and Wonders back into the Build Menu.Resolved the City Port OOS issue. Please post in the following thread if you are no longer encountering errors.
090811 - Released a fix to resolve the Neighbor Visiting loading issues players were encountering. Please confirm the resolution on your account in the following thread.
090811 - Fixed the small font issue players were encountering upon load into CityVille.
090811 - Resolved error caused by clicking on Wonder Goals before accessing Tonga Tower Goal.
THREAD UPDATED! September 11, 2011 - Please Report all New Bugs :)

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