FarmVille 2

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by Sandy Jenkins Winn - Feb 10, 2015 Star_s6,251 views

Are we supposed to complete every one of those tasks???? They are worse than the co-op requirements. I will never be able to compile all of the crap required to get a dog. I think I am just going to forget about the puppy all together!!

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Miia Silvennoinen - Feb 19, 2015

Okay, I tried again getting all them points, but now I am stuck with ... I have to get 12 vitamins, 6 crafting beads, about 170 horseshoes when I have 0 ... and 2 rhinestones. I really wanted a puppy! Now I can't get one because of I can't get those stuff I mentioned. Okay, there is one "Gather 19 milk" or something, but what if it gets stuck too ... I'm disappointed. :/

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