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Facebook's API upgrade on 4/30/2015 and how that will affect Gamers Unite!

by Amy Wong - Feb 10, 2015 Star_s34,138 views

Update: 3/10/2015:  Because Facebook is already limiting application calls before the April 30th deadline, we pushed out the althernate method to get your game feeds. If you have the Snag Bar already, the transition should be smooth. If you don't, get it now and it will continuously look for new posts. Read more here.

Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Study says 75% of the people want to hear the bad news first, so here you go.

Bad News: Facebook is upgrading their API on April 30th and will no longer provide the "read_stream" API which provides access to read the posts in a person's News Feed. will affect ALL Facebook apps. GU! is not an exception and it'll affect our My Feed page that lets you see your game specific posts, Link Exchange that lets people share their links, and of course the Snag Bar. 

Good News: We are working on an alternate solution and those who have the Snag Bar should have an almost seamless transition to our new method even after the API upgrade. With the Snag Bar, we most probably will be able to support My Feed and Link Exchange too. If you don't have the Snag Bar but would like the transition smooth, we'd recommend you install it now:

We are working very hard to prepare for this change! Thanks again for all your support!!

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Amy Wong - Feb 25, 2015

@Toni, the updated version didn't touch any part of the old code so it shouldn't function any differently. It could be that Facebook was limiting their API call when you tested it. We tested it and it generally works fine when the Error 4 isn't happening. We are also going to ship out the new version of the Snagging part soon too, since we won't be able to use the method we are curently using after 4/30/2015.

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