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Permission we ask on Chrome Snag Bar

by Amy Wong - Feb 19, 2015 Star_s14,366 views

When installing the Chrome Snag Bar, we ask for several permissions. Firsly and mostly, let us assure you that our tool is 100% safe, no virus and no malware.

Let us walk you through what they mean and what they are used for. 


  1. Read and change all your data on the websites you visit: This is used when we detect that you are on a site that lets you earn GU! coins. For example, you maybe able to earn some GU! coins when visiting which then you can redeem your GU! coins to Facebook Game Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, or you can donate to charities.
  2. Read and change your browsing history and Manage your apps extensions and themes: These permissions are used only for the "New Tab Search" that shows our partner search engine (InfoSpace) and your browsing history. We make a penny or so when you search using the New Tab and click on one of the ad results, so if you'd like to continue to support GU!, it'd be great if you can use it once in a while! However, you can easily opt out from the Snag Bar preferences page by unticking the option "Enable Gamers Unite! Search on New Tab to support GU!"

Hope this gives you a peace of mind when using our tool, and if you have any questions, please feel to ask us on this thread or contact us directly. 

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Amy Wong - Mar 02, 2015

For Chrome, we are working on getting rid of the last two permissions, but we are not sure when that will happen since it depends on how fast our toolbar vendor can get it out of the door. 

You can still opt out from them from the toolbar preferences page:

Again, please be assured that our tool is safe. We detest malware and viruses and we use the tools ourselves. We have many happy users and we've been providing the Snag Bar since 2010 (Chrome version came out later though)

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