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Puppy-quest. Did you get your puppy?

by Mojca P. Zmrzlak - Feb 16, 2015 Star_s427 views

Hi, I spent a lot of work on those quests and ended up with an empty dog house. Did you get your puppy? I am so very disapointet, i think i'll just quit the game :(

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Linda Tigre - Mar 04, 2015

The puppy will hide. Look behind your trees, at the back of your farm, etc. He likes to swim in the river. He is very small, smaller than a baby chick . If you have other babies that are on bottles (Which because of all the ones you had to buy to get him, you probably do...) he may be hiding among them. Clicking the dog house does NOT call him. Try feeding some other animals and see if he comes to join the fun. Feed him a bottle, then feed an animal and he will "herd" it - bark and a paw icon floats up, animal acts like it has been given super-feed.

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