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Beta Soft Launch: Earn GU! Coins via Snag Bar shopping

by Chao Lam - Nov 24, 2010 Star_s47,533 views

Hey GU! members!

We are in the process of introducing a new feature for your Snag Bar!

Basically, we've partnered with Freecause to offer you a way to transparently earn GU! coins while you shop at over 3,000 top online stores (including,,, etc. etc.)

You just have to visit any of these online stores normally, but now you'll see a ribbon at the top, informing you that a purchase at the store will earn you GU! coins! There's nothing special you have to do!

e.g. just visit and you'll see something like this:

earn GU! coins by purchasing at

If you make a purchase on the site, you should see your shopping transaction on your account page within a couple of weeks, and we'll award the GU! coins 30 days after the post. 

Please note this is a beta soft launch, so there will probably be bugs about receiving GU! coins. We will work hard to fix the bugs but cannot guarantee awarding GU! coins due to bugs. However, we felt it's worth launching in this beta form, because getting any GU! coins is better than nothing! You literally have nothing to lose :) (since no GU! coins were being earned for shopping online before)

This feature should be rolling out to all Snag Bar users in the next few days, so stay tuned!

With the introduction of GU! coins including Offers and now toolbar shopping, together with the banner ads we serve on these pages, we hope that Gamers Unite! can be a sustainable site, and we feel confident we can keep the snag bar free forever!

To all our GU! members, we are very thankful to have y'all as members. It's been a privilege to serve all of you. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Update Dec 15 2010: Sorry, it'll take 45 days before pending credits turn into GU! coins. That's because it takes up to 75 days for us to get paid.

We're also working on a opt-out preference, but we're encountering a technical bug (works on IE but not FF)

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Amy Wong - Mar 09, 2015

HI @Matt, here's a page that lists some of the vendors Rakuten (our toolbar vendor) works with:  

Warning: That page is actually not maintained and it will take a loooong time to load. Not all the stores may be available either, but as long as you see the yellow ribbon on top of the site, it should give you coins. Restrictions applies also, so not all transactions are eligible either, so it works more if you were planning to buy something anyway rather than deliberately looking for buying something to get coins :)

Hope this helps!

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