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Missing buying & Missing selling. Do we need a notification before we lost farm bucks?

by HikaruBoy D Dragoon - Dec 19, 2012 Star_s658 views

Hi farmer. I paid 100$ for 650 farm bucks 1 week ago to expanding. Now I have 350 farm bucks and I wanna safe them to buy cool animals ,trees or decorations but I got problems. Sometimes I miss click on farm bucks botton to buy regular items or pass some quests. Anyone can help me to safe my farm bucks? Could I tell zynga make notification window before farm bucks gone?

Thanks 4 reading.

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Shaval Vee - Mar 13, 2015

I have lost many farm bucks the same way. I have notified Zynga and asked them to put a confirmation button there but they won't bother because they want to sell more bucks.

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