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How to Market Your Clan to The World

by Trix Gama - Jul 28, 2014 Star_s87 views

Do you have trouble in recruiting new members?

Chief, look no further! Now there is a great way to market your clan!

Tired of looking for a suitable clan to join? Need new members to go for Clan War? Well we all knows some websites like Supercell forum, Reddit etc provide clan recruitment board. However, threads are easily to ignored because there are so many new clans advertisements every day.

Introducing The Best of The Best: Clan Wars Assist

Clan Wars Assist has many advantages that by far extend what the other websites above do which i will list.
* You can submit your clan with details such as trophies, minimum donates. So other clashers will find you if your clan meets their requirements.
* Though it is a new app, there are already hundreds of clans submitted in it.
* It works in every country (That I'm aware of). That means you can submit your clan to the world!

* You can update your clan any time.

* Any submission or update will be manually reviewed to avoid any fake information.

* Easy to submit, easy to search.

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- Mar 16, 2015

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