Farm Heroes Saga

Switch and match the collectable Cropsies in this farmtastic adventure!


Farm Heroes Saga - Tips, Tricks, Strategies, and Guides

by Julie Nguy - Mar 16, 2015 Star_s486 views

Tips and Tricks to help you pass every level. If you have any suggestions, please post here :) Thanks!!

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Julie Nguy - Mar 16, 2015

Here is the link to the video tips on how to beat level 33 in Farm Heroes Saga:

- Tip 1: Make matches that are adjacent to the suns to get bonuses, then collect the suns.
- Tip 2: As you collect 12 suns, you fill up the power-up chart on the top right. It will activate itself to break one ice cube and replace 3 random spots with the suns.
- Tips 3: Making match of three to collect the sun is the easiest yet very effective way to defeat Rancid the Raccoon. Remember that you don’t need to make any special moves or use any power-up to pass this level.


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