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tournament wins taken away after next spin?

by - Mar 07, 2015 Star_s130 views

Noticed yesterday won tournament in Sparta got 3 million and some change cool I had 9 million now I have 12 so I spine 200k and back down to 9 million. Playing on android phone reported to support and nothing. So if anyone has any ideas let me know

(Won 3 more contest since yesterday & same thing happened)

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- Apr 01, 2015

I have had the same thing happen many times. The contest win gets credited then disappears. I have emailed cc many times and they have usually credited my account with the missing credits once I provide them with a mountain of details and screenshot but they don't address the issue. I just don't play cc contests anymore because its not worth wasting my time on sending emails. I hope they fix it.

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