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Farm Heroes Saga - Tips, Tricks, Strategies, and Guides

by Julie Nguy - Mar 16, 2015 Star_s486 views

Tips and Tricks to help you pass every level. If you have any suggestions, please post here :) Thanks!!

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Julie Nguy - Apr 16, 2015

Hi Ashley,

I am sorry to hear that. Here are some tips to help you pass level 209 in Farm Heroes Saga.

- Tip 1: Calculate your moves to make match of 5. It doesn't need to be the required elements because when the elements are collected, they added bonuses to the required ones. Then you can collect more required elements in less moves.
- Tip 2: Do not focus too much on one type of element. You should pay more attention on making the chicken.
- Tip 3: I know you are stuck with collecting the apples. Ashley, you should make adjacent matches to the apples or take advantage to super matches to add bonuses to the apples, then collect them. By doing these, you just need to make about 3-5 matches to reach the requirement.
- Tip 4: Make moves in the lower rows to create cascade reactions, which help you add bonuses to required elements and collecting them by accidentally creating matches from above rows.

Hope these tips help you pass the level.
If you have further questions, please email us as [email protected]


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