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What is going on today?

by Pat Martinez - Apr 17, 2015 Star_s180 views

With more than 800 FV2 neighbors, I never have to wait very long to get at least ONE baby bottle when I ask for it. Four hours ago I asked for baby bottles and have not received even one! I find it hard to believe that all 832 of my neighbors are not online today. I have better odds of winning the lottery. :)

I clicked on a baby bottle link in the link exchange, and got pruning shears.

My account at doesn't work properly as, for some reason, it linked this username with the account for my main/personal Facebook page so please don't tell me about - I know!

Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem and/or is there a known issue that Zynga has been working on?

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Sherry Kinard - Apr 18, 2015

I am having the same problem. I send out 20 requests for salt, sugar, or baby bottles and don't get any. I know some of my friends are playing when I do because they send their requests to me. Not sure what is going on.

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