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New Farm Heroes Saga Post for Farm Heroes Saga Level 111

by Danielle Bower Young - Feb 11, 2014 Star_s3,450 views

I cannot pass level 111....even with the magic bean help. i actually get the raccoons health lower without the bean help but havent been able to get it any lower than 22%. How can I pass this level? I'm about to give up on this game as it's been weeks

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Julie Nguy - Apr 24, 2015

Hi Danielle,

Here are some tips to help you pass level 111

- Tip 1: Good thing that the grass is located in the middle rows of the board. It helps you turn many angry resources into happy ones before they enter the last 3 rows. Moreover, it adds bonuses to the resources that are in the grass area.
- Tip 2: Try to collect the resources with bonuses and avoid matching them with the angry ones.
- Tip 3: Sometimes, you need to make matches with the angry resources to get rid of them and let new resources come to the board.
- Tip 4: You should choose one animal to help collect the needed resources, in this case I chose the Salamander. It will replace 3 angry resources with the happy onions when I have collect 12 onions.

Watch the video tips:

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